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  • NEW PUBLICATION OUT NOW: Effect of disinfection with peracetic acid on the microbial community of a seawater aquaculture recirculation system for Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)

    When tropical shrimps are kept in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), one of the limiting factors is the maintenance of a sufficient water quality, and therefore, often disinfectants like peracetic acid (PAA) are added to the water either as prophylactic or treatment measure. In this study, PAA in concentrations of 0.1 mg/L, 1 mg/L and 10 mg/L was applied continuously for 56 days to small‐scale seawater RAS stocked with Litopenaeus vannamei. Treatment with 0.1 mg/L did not result in a reduction in the total bacterial amount and therefore was not effective. A concentration of 10 mg/L led to significant changes in the chemical water parameters already after 2 days and was therefore not recommendable. A concentration of 1 mg/L led to increased levels of ammonia and nitrite within 2 days and to a significant increase in the bacterial amount in the water, most probably due to an enhanced growth of heterotrophic bacteria. The microflora showed significant fluctuations, and there were indications that the welfare of the shrimps was affected. Using 1 mg PAA/L for prophylactic use is therefore also not recommendable but might be an alternative option for short‐term treatment in cases of disease outbreaks.

    Read the whole article here.
  • Postlarven Adaption in der ersten Bioflock Anlage, Garnelenbetrieb DAMM

    Im Oktober 2018 haben wir mit unserem Kunden Herrn Damm (Damm Aquakultur GmbH & Co KG) in der Nähe von Kassel die von uns geplante Aquakulturanlage zur Produktion seiner „Landgarnele“ in Betrieb genommen.
  • Garnelenverkauf online

    Endlich wieder auf dem Markt. 

    Die Marella Garnele wie vom Garnelenhof Schäfer bekannt. Ab heute können Sie wieder bestellen bei unserem Partner in Belgien.

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